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video marketing for business

For being savvy marketer, you’re always searching for an edge. Competition for customers is keen. You wish to generate leads, create your brand, and promote your services and products.

Fortunately, online video marketing benefits you do that. When it’s properly integrated you will see ends in a zip, and.

Simply put video marketing works but now ranks as the sixth hottest content marketing tactic. 70 % of B2B marketers create online video.

Let’s examine five compelling facts about online video marketing:

Fact # 1: Online video marketing is exploding

To claim that video marketing is increasing is an understatement. Its rate of acceptance and adoption is remarkable. Alexa, for example, ranks YouTube, because the third most popular website within the world. In only the U.S., YouTube has over 189 million unique viewers.

But effective marketing should be targeted. For B2B marketers that may not be a problem. Today, 83% of senior executives watch more online video than one year ago, in accordance with a survey by Forbes Insights.

More viewers – viewers that matter – lead to more customers. Increasingly more customers result in more sales.

Fact # 2: Online video marketing is versatile

One cited reason online video is so well liked is in its versatility. Marketers can make use of online video to repurpose other marketing materials similar to white papers and case studies.

Marketers can promote their services using a different delivery method that informs, educates and even entertains prospects.

Internet videos are able to be found in e-newsletters, websites and blogs. And customers and prospects can join them as RSS feeds.

Let’s not forget social media. Videos abound on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to call a few.

Versatility means extraordinary marketing power. Video introduces an alternative way of communicating. It enhances existing marketing platforms by bringing them to be able to life, such as email marketing.

This uncovers a sea of new consumers who perhaps wouldn’t “read” your content. Viewing videos is faster and in some cases more preferable to reading text. Now you’re reaching a wider audience.

Fact # 3: Shareability is fast and effortless

In the same Forbes study stated above, 54% of senior executives said they share videos along with their colleagues every week. A slightly greater percentage, 59%, says they receive work-related videos.

Again, these statistics illustrate that online videos are highly shareable. More important to B2B marketers is that decision makers share and receive these videos.

The long run for sharing videos online is bright. The information suggest this trend will significantly increase. Younger executives share videos at much greater rates. While 47% of most executive say they post videos to social media sites, that percentage increases to 69% for younger executives.

Fact # 4: Video Search Engine Optimization Extends Reach and Access

Seo perform wonders for textual content. And it really works especially well for videos. As with text, video content has to be useful. Valuable and relevant content attracts prospects.

For videos embedded on your web site, you’ll be able to optimize videos by including keywords in the title. And make use of those keywords in the description.

On YouTube you have three opportunities to add keywords. A questionaire comes that includes fields for your title, the description and tags.

Optimizing your videos makes them easier in your audience to find. When optimizing your videos, keep those senior executives in mind.

Fact # 5: Internet Video Achieves Great Impact with Low Cost

Now, I’m sure you agree that video marketing has great impact. It reaches thousands of viewers, with regards to the platform you use.

Video drives action. According to a Forrester report, click-through rates even triple and easily double when inserting video into emails.

Michael Miller, author of The Idiot’s Guide to Video Marketing estimates that an enterprise can invest as short as a $1,000 dollars to formulate quality videos. Many businesses may not need a financial commitment at all.

Round Out Your Marketing Campaigns with Video

Consider adding it now if you haven’t already integrated videos into your marketing.

You can simply rev up your lead generation and branding by adding online video for your marketing mix. Video has several benefits with zero obvious downside.

It adds another dimension to your marketing content, while expanding your prospect universe. More viewers lead to more conversions. More conversions lead to more profits.

It’s fast. It’s affordable. Most importantly, your web visitors love it.

To state that video marketing is increasing can be an understatement. Today, 83% of senior executives watch more online video than in 2011, in line with a survey by Forbes Insights.

The longer term for sharing videos online is bright. While 47% among executive say they post videos to sites, that percentage increases to 69% for younger executives.

Now, You’ll probably you agree that video marketing has great impact.